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« : 04 Aralık 2005, 13:36:04 »

Hijab(Veil) of the most important Muslim issues that both men & women are concerned with in Islam.
Hijab is also one of the issues that Muslims are all ready to struggle for their right in it till the last breath..

Hijab..The light
The true faith  :D
The real beauty :D  

Nothing can describe the importance of Hijab in our Islam.
It's enough to feel that Allah (SWT) chose women to carry the message of Islam & spread it around through a very wonderful thing...through her points easily at the purity & dignity of our beloved Islam.
Then after all that praise that Allah (SWT) gave to women allowing them to carry the message of Islam with them wherever they go..after that great bounty...some of us may still not wear Hijab..they still insist that they're not yet convinced!! Subhan Allah ...aren't they yet convinced that Allah chose them to carry his message through the earth!!...
But lets just not rush into judging unless we explained the rules of Hijab & showed that it's FAREDHAA & then we can discuss the spiritual impacts of Hijab on the muslimaa...
So wait me till then,

& till then please let's all share our stories, feelings, Allah's blessings that happened to our lives after wearing Hijab.
And insh'alah after we discuss the issue from all the sides..We’ll all change the poll to:
No, but I am going to.

to make sure that the mission have been accomplished  

Come on waiting for all the nice sisters here on the forum.